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We are pleased to present you a product offer of Logistic Project & Consultanta S.r.l.
As a leading producer of macines to production for wooden pallets and wooden orchard boxes we can offer you a whole range available on the market.

We do believe that you will find in our presentation assortments interesting for you:
MACHINES AND LINE TO PRODUCTION FOR WOODEN BOXES, singlemachines, semi-automatic and automatic lines
Our company is able to supply all machinery required for the production of fruit and vegetables boxes of the various measures currently on the market famous brands as CORALI - Italy, SODEME - France and NOURIS - Greece. To make you an offer targeted to your requirements we place you some questions there.
1)The offer must include bark peeling machine, cutting off machine and veneer lathe for logs, or you plan to do only assembly boxes with semi-finished wood slats or plywood or masonite.
2)What production of boxes a day you need.
Our offers may change as new machines or used (used refurbished and painted or functional machines verified in essential points or functioning used in the state in which the machines can be foun d(seen and liked)
Between 2,500 boxes / hour for height boxes up to 120 mm. until 1,800 boxes / hour to a height of boxes from 120 to 260 mm.
Or 4,200 boxes / hour (height up to 160 mm)3,200 crates / hour (height from 150 to 270 mm)

MACHINES AND LINE TO PRODUCTION FOR WOODEN PALLETS, single machines, semi-automatic and automatic lines.
Machines, made in Italy, to production for wood pallets Eur, Epal, atypical large machies They can be new, refurbished (they are completely dismantled, sand blasted, worn parts are replaced with new ones, electrical installation will be replaced with new and are sold with warranty).
For manufacturing wooden pallets. Theoretical hourly production: 60 - 400 pallets / h.
Please familiarize yourself with our equipments and if you will have any question regarding specifications or quotation do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,
Moldovan Marino
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